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Header: Genicam.h
Namespace: avl
Module: Genicam

Opens configuration node set (an interface module configuration) of GenTL provider communication interface.


GenTLHandle avl::GenTL_OpenInterfaceModuleSettings
	const atl::String& inLibraryPath,
	const atl::String& inInterfaceId


Name Type Default Description
Input value
inLibraryPath const String& Path identifying provider library.
Input value
inInterfaceId const String& String identifying communication interface which should be accessed.


This function allows to access communication interface extended settings through GenAPI system. The function will open specified provider library interface module and return a handle to its instance. You can use GenApi functions to access module settings. These settings affect software-side transport layer of requested interface.

For every call to GenTL_OpenInterfaceModuleSettings a GenTL_CloseHandle function must be called on returned handle.


This function will throw an exception in the following situations:

  • Invalid provider library path or interface id is specified.
  • GenICam device description xml file of software module could not be loaded.
  • Other general GenTL or GenICam error occurred.