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Header: Genicam.h
Namespace: avl
Module: Genicam

Opens configuration node set of application side transport layer of GenTL device first data stream (a stream module configuration).


GenTLHandle avl::GenTL_OpenDeviceStreamModuleSettings
	GenTLHandle inDeviceHandle


Name Type Default Description
Input value
inDeviceHandle GenTLHandle Handle of an opened device which application side stream module should be accessed.


When working with a video transmitter device a separate software module is responsible for managing transmission on its video stream. This function allows to access the connected device's software-side video stream transport layer extended settings through GenAPI interface. The function takes a handle of opened video transmitter device (returned by GenTL_OpenDevice) and returns a new handle to its software stream module settings. You can use GenApi functions to access module settings.

For every call to GenTL_OpenDeviceStreamModuleSettings a GenTL_CloseHandle function must be called on returned handle. Device will be closed after all device and device module settings' handles have been closed.


This function will throw an exception in the following situations:

  • Device handle is invalid.
  • Device has no stream module or failed to open stream module.
  • GenICam device description xml file of software module could not be loaded.
  • Other general GenTL or GenICam error occurred.