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Header: Genicam.h
Namespace: avl
Module: Genicam

Closes all internally opened (cached) GenTL software modules not held any more by any opened handle.


void avl::GenTL_Cleanup


When accessing structures of the GenTL system, software modules are opened to manage its entities (like library system module or interface module). GenTL subsystem can left some modules opened after operations on such structures (like enumeration or information access) to optimize subsequent function calls. Every open module uses some resources, both on GenTL provider side and on AVL side. You can use this function to force to close unused modules and to release unused resources.

Only unreferenced modules will be closed. A module is unreferenced, when the application does not hold any handle to it or its child modules.

GenTL subsystem never leaves a device module opened after its last handle has been closed. Also, the cleanup operation is performed after closing of any device.