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Header: Genicam.h
Namespace: avl
Module: Genicam

Reads named parameter value using GenICam IInteger interface.


void avl::GenApi_GetStringParam
	GenApiHandle inHandle,
	const char* inParameterName,
	bool inVerifyAccess,
	atl::String& outValue


Name Type Default Description
Input value inHandle GenApiHandle Handle to object providing GenApi interface.
Input value inParameterName const char* Textual name of the parameter that should be accessed in GenICam naming convention or device specific name. Parameter name is case sensitive.
Input value inVerifyAccess bool True to verify parameter access.
Output value outValue String&


This function accesses the configuration of a device or software module using the GenICam GenApi interface. The actual GenApi interface is accessed through the handle of opened device or software module provided by other subsystem (like opened GigEVision device handle). A call to this function may result in time expensive (blocking) data exchange with device.

Set inVerifyAccess argument to true to check parameter state. When this argument is set to false accessing parameter in an improper device state may silently fail, the result is undefined.

Refer to device documentation or use the Device Manager to find proper parameter name.


This function will throw an exception in the following situations:

  • Object handle is invalid or does not provide the GenApi interface.
  • GenApi description does not provide a parameter with specified name.
  • Named parameter does not provide the IString interface.
  • Connection with device is lost.
  • Other unexpected GenICam or connection error occurred.