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Sets a parameter of type One Push in an ICube device.

Name Type Description
inDeviceID Integer* Index of a camera
inType Integer Type of the parameter to set (see Parameter Definitions in the API Header)


If one push mode is supported, this filter sets/unsets one push mode of the parameter specified by inType. This filter executes the ICubeSDK_SetParamOnePush ICube SDK function.


To be able to use an ICube camera, you need to install the camera driver. You can find it at the following address (select binaries): or

Please make sure that the ICube SDK is installed properly on your computer. To verify the driver installation, you can run iControl.exe. If the camera was detected and you can see the image from it in this application, you can use your ICube camera in Adaptive Vision Studio.

Recommended ICube SDK version for Adaptive Vision Studio usage is v2.0.4.8.

The full description of the camera parameters can be found in the ICube SDK documentation.

Multithreaded environment

This function is not guaranteed to be thread-safe. When used in multithreaded environment, it has to be manually synchronized.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

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