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Installation Procedure

Important: Adaptive Vision Studio setup program requires the user to have administrative privileges.

The installation procedure consists of several straightforward steps:

Setup language

Please choose the language for the installation process and click OK to proceed.

License agreement

Click I accept the agreement if you agree with the license agreement and then click Next to continue.

Localization on disk

Choose where Adaptive Vision Studio should be installed on your disk.


Choose which additional components you wish to install.

Start Menu shortcut

Choose if Adaptive Vision Studio should create a Start Menu shortcut.

Additional Options

On this screen you can decide if the application should create a Desktop shortcut. You can also decide to associate Adaptive Vision Studio with the .avproj files.


Click Install to continue with the installation or Back to review or change any settings.

Please wait until all files are copied.

Final Options

At the end of the installation you are able to run the application.

Additional Dependencies

Users who have custom security policies applied to their accounts may encounter problems after installation of Adaptive Vision Studio. In that case some additional dependencies must be installed manually:

Deinstallation procedure

To remove Adaptive Vision Studio from your computer please launch the program at Start » All Programs » Adaptive Vision » Adaptive Vision Studio Professional » Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions.

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