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Module: FoundationLite

Changes orientation of the given rectangle according to parameters.

Name Type Description
Input value inRectangle Rectangle2D Input rectangle
Input value inReferenceAngle Real The middle angle of the valid range of the output rectangle's angle
Input value inRectangleOrientation RectangleOrientation Orientation of the output rectangle
Output value outRectangle Rectangle2D


The operation changes the input rectangle's marked corner so the output rectangle's rotation angle is the lowest possible not lower than inReferenceAngle - 90 satisfying the inRectangleOrientation parameter at the same time. Some sample parameters configurations are:
  • inReferenceAngle = 90, inRectangleOrientation = Any – the marked corner will have the least y coordinate possible
  • inReferenceAngle = 0, inRectangleOrientation = Any – the marked corner will have the least x coordinate possible
  • inRectangleOrientation = Horizontal – the output rectangle's width will be not shorter than its height
  • inRectangleOrientation = Vertical – the output rectangle's height will be not shorter than its width


NormalizeRectangleOrientation performed on a sample rectangle with inReferenceAngle = 90 and inRectangleOrientation = Any.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Advanced Complexity Level.