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Shipment Verification


The aim of the program is to count the number of boxes in a container and mark each of them with a stripe.


An image of boxes in a container.


Detected boxes and their count.


The easiest and the quickest way to achieve this goal is to use 1D Edge Detection technique and detect boxes as stripes.

Labeling connections is explained in this article.

Solution (AVS)

  1. Add the LoadImage filter. Please, remember about setting directory to the images in the Properties window of the filter.
  2. Add the ScanMultipleStripes filter.
  3. Connect the outImage from the first filter with the inImage of the second one.
  4. Click on the ScanMultipleStripes. In Properties window (in the bottom left corner) make these changes:
  5. Right-click on the outStripes, find Property outputs and select the outStripes.Count

Macrofilter Main

Used Filters

Icon Name Description
LoadImage Loads a single image from a file.
ScanMultipleStripes Very fast detection of multiple pairs of opposite edges - usually for counting or width measurements.

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