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Region Spatial Transforms

Select a filter from the list below.

AlignRegionAligns a region to a coordinate system.
CropRegionCreates a region from a rectangular fragment of another one.
CropRegionToRectangleCreates a region from a rectangular fragment of another one.
DownsampleRegionShrinks a region by the factor of two along each axis.
EnlargeRegionNTimesEnlarges a region by a natural factor.
MirrorRegionMirrors a region across vertical or horizontal axis.
ReflectRegionReflects a region through the given location.
ResizeRegionEnlarges or shrinks a region to new dimensions.
ResizeRegion_RelativeResizes region relatively along each axis.
RotateRegionRotates a region around a point.
ShearRegionComputes a leant region.
ShrinkRegionNTimesShrinks a region by a natural factor along each axis.
TranslateRegionTranslates a region by a given number of pixels along each axis.
TransposeRegionFlips and rotates a region so that x-coordinates are exchanged with y-coordinates.
TrimRegionToRectangleLimits a region to a rectangular area.
UncropRegionInverse of CropRegion