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Region Spatial Transforms

Select a filter from the list below.

Icon Name Description Modules
AlignRegion Most typically used, when there is a region extracted after performing CropImageToRectangle. This filter makes it possible to align the region with the original image. FoundationBasic
CropRegion Can be used to obtain a part of a bigger region, but also to enforce specific region frame. FoundationLite
CropRegionToQuadrangle Creates a region from a quadrangular fragment of another one. The quadrangle must be convex. FoundationPro
CropRegionToRectangle Can be used to obtain a part of a bigger region, but also to enforce specific region frame. FoundationPro
DownsampleRegion Shrinks a region by the factor of two along each axis. FoundationBasic
EnlargeRegionNTimes Enlarges a region by a natural factor. FoundationBasic
MirrorRegion Mirrors a region across vertical or horizontal axis. FoundationBasic
ReflectRegion Reflects a region through the given location. FoundationBasic
ResizeRegion Enlarges or shrinks a region to new dimensions. FoundationBasic
ResizeRegion_Relative Resizes region relatively along each axis. FoundationBasic
RotateRegion Rotates a region around a point. FoundationBasic
ShearRegion Computes a leant region. FoundationBasic
ShrinkRegionNTimes Shrinks a region by a natural factor along each axis. FoundationBasic
TranslateRegion Translates a region by a given number of pixels along each axis. FoundationLite
TransposeRegion Flips and rotates a region so that x-coordinates are exchanged with y-coordinates. FoundationBasic
TrimRegionToPolygon Removes region elements lying beyond the specified polygon. FoundationPro
TrimRegionToRectangle Limits a region to a rectangular area. FoundationPro
UncropRegion Inverse of CropRegion FoundationLite