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Region Basics

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CreateBoxBorderRegionCreates a frame-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateBoxRegionCreates a rectangular region corresponding to a given box.
CreateCircleRegionCreates a circular region corresponding to a given circle.
CreateCrossRegionCreates a cross-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateEllipseRegionCreates an elliptic region of given bounding rectangle.
CreateGridRegionCreates a grid-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateLineRegionCreates a line region.
CreatePathBorderRegionCreates a region from a path with given parameters.
CreatePolygonRegionCreates a polygonal region corresponding to a given closed path.
CreateRectangleBorderRegionCreates a frame-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateRectangleRegionCreates a region corresponding to a given rectangle.
CreateRegionOfInterestRegionCreates a region corresponding to a given region of interest.
CreateRingRegionCreates a ring-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateSegmentRegionCreates a segment region.
GetRegionFrameReturns the width and height of the entire region's frame (not to be confused with RegionBoundingBox!)
LocationsToRegionForms a region containing pixels of given locations.
PathToRegionOfInterestConverts a closed path to region of interest.
RegionCharacteristicPointReturns a characteristic point of the input's region bounding box.
RegionOfInterestToRegionConverts a region of interest to a region with automatically computed frame.
RegionToLocationsConverts a region to an array of its pixels locations.
SetRegionFrameChanges the width and the height of a region's frame (but does not rescale the content).
SkipEmptyRegionIf the input region contains at least one pixel, then it is copied to the output; otherwise Nil is returned.
TestRegionEmptyTests whether the size of a region equals zero.
TestRegionNotEmptyTests whether the size of a region doesn't equal zero.
TestRegionOnBorderTests whether a region is adjacent to its border.
VerifyRegionChecks if the input region is a valid Region object.