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Module: FoundationPro

Finds the locations at which the values of the input profile are locally highest or lowest.

Name Type Description
inProfile Profile Input profile
inRange Range*
inCyclic Bool Indicates whether the last element should be considered a neighbour of the first element
inExtremumType ExtremumType Type of extremum to find
inInterpolationMethod ProfileInterpolationMethod When interpolation is set to Quadratic each non-plateau extremum is located using a parabola fit
inConsiderPlateaus Bool Indicates whether the result should include centers of plateau extrema
inMinValue Real* Minimum value of an extremum
inMaxValue Real* Maximum value of an extremum
inLocalBlindness LocalBlindness* Defines conditions in which weaker extrema can be detected in the vicinity of stronger ones
outLocalExtrema Extremum1DArray Extrema of the profile values


The operation returns locations where the profile values are locally extremal, i.e. maximal or minimal, depending on the inExtremumType parameter. If the inConsiderPlateaus parameter is set to true, the same-value-ranges of the input profile will also be detected. The inMinValue and inMaxValue parameters control how strong an extremum has to be to be a part of the result. The inLocalBlindness parameter allows to have an even better control over the results of the filter. Its fields define a set of conditions in which weaker extrema can be detected in the vicinity of stronger extrema. When e.g. a maximum of value 50 is present at location 35 and another maximum of value 40 is present at location 28, the local blindness with the threshold bigger than 0.8 and the radius not smaller than 7 will suppress the weaker maximum. For minimum, the threshold works as a reciprocal, i.e. under a local blindness with the threshold equal to 0.8 the minimum with value 20 could suppress another minimum with value 26, but not a minimum with value 24. It should be noted that the inLocalBlindness parameter has no effect at all when inExtremumType is set to Any. When some profile values are negative, setting inLocalBlindness leads to undefined results.


This filter can throw an exception to report error. Read how to deal with errors in Error Handling.

List of possible exceptions:

Error type Description
DomainError Range exceeds the input profile in ProfileLocalExtrema.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.