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Miscellaneous Image Transformations

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Icon Name Description Modules
cvAdaptiveThreshold Applies an adaptive threshold to an image OpenCV
cvApplyColorMap Runs the GrabCut algorithm. OpenCV
cvCvtColor Converts image from one color space to another. OpenCV
cvDistanceTransform Calculates the distance to the closest zero pixel for each pixel of the source image. OpenCV
cvFloodFill Fills a connected component with the given color. OpenCV
cvGrabCut Runs the GrabCut algorithm. OpenCV
cvInpaint Inpaints the selected region in the image. OpenCV
cvIntegral Calculates the integral of an image. OpenCV
cvPyrMeanShiftFiltering Performs an initial step of Mean Shift Filtering algorithm. OpenCV
cvThreshold Applies a fixed-level threshold to each image element. OpenCV
cvWatershed Does marker-based image segmentation using watershed algorithm. OpenCV