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AccessMatrixReturn matrix dimensions and its elements row-by-row as a real array.
AddMatricesAdd two matrices of identical dimensions
CombineMatricesCombine two matrices horizontally
ConcatenateMatricesCombine two matrices horizontally
CreateIdentityMatrixCreate a square matrix with ones on the main diagonal, and zeros elsewhere.
CreateUniformMatrixCreate a matrix with the specified dimensions and filled with an uniform element value.
GetMatrixColumnGets the values from a single column of a matrix.
GetMatrixElementGets the value of a single element of a matrix.
GetMatrixRowGets the values from a single row of a matrix.
InvertMatrixFind the inverse of a square matrix.
MakeMatrixCreate a matrix of specified dimensions with initial elements given row-by-row.
MatrixToRealArrayArrayConverts a matrix to an array of its rows.
MultiplyMatricesCombine two matrices horizontally
MultiplyMatrixByRealMultiply all elements of a matrix by a value.
SetMatrixColumnSets elements of a matrix column.
SetMatrixElementSets a single element of a matrix.
SetMatrixRowSets elements of a matrix row.
SkipEmptyMatrixIf the input matrix dimensions are non-zero, then the matrix is copied to the output; otherwise Nil value is returned.
StackMatricesCombine two matrices vertically
SubtractMatricesSubtract two matrices of identical dimensions
TransposeMatrixFind the transpose of a matrix.