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Imago Technologies

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Icon Name Description Modules
VisionBox_ConfigureLedGenerator Configures led signal generator ThirdParty
VisionBox_ConnectMultiplexerOutput Connects internal multiplexer signals ThirdParty
VisionBox_GetCameraTriggerNumberOfOutputs Gets number of outputs of camera trigger device ThirdParty
VisionBox_GetDigitalInput Reads a digital input state of Imago VisionBox computers. ThirdParty
VisionBox_GetMultiplexerNumberOfOutputs Gets number of multiplexer outputs. ThirdParty
VisionBox_GetNumberOfDigitalInputs Gets number of available digital inputs. ThirdParty
VisionBox_GetNumberOfDigitalOutputs Gets number of digital outputs. ThirdParty
VisionBox_GetNumberOfLeds Gets number of available LEDs ThirdParty
VisionBox_GetTriggerGeneratorConfiguration Gets trigger generator configuration ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerGetBufferFillLevel Returns number of occupied entries in IO Scheduler buffer. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerGetBufferMaxElementCount Returns maximum number of entries in IO Scheduler buffer. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerGetCounter Gets values of selected counter in IO Scheduler unit. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerGetNumberOfOutputs Returns number of available outputs of IO Scheduler unit of Vision Box computer. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerPushValue Puts value in IO Scheduler buffer. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerReset Resets and disable IO Scheduler logic. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerSetCompareSource Configures comparison element of IO Scheduler unit. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerSetEncoderDirection Configures direction of encoder input of IO Scheduler unit. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerSetOutputPulsTiming Configure pulse parameters of IO Scheduler output. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerSetTriggerSource Connects signal to IO Scheduler input. ThirdParty
VisionBox_IOSchedulerStart Enables IO Scheduler logic in FPGA unit of Vision Box. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS232ConfigureBaudRate Configures RS232 port. Has to be called before any other Vision Box' RS232 operation. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS232GetAvailableByteCount Gets number of bytes waiting in RS232 buffer. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS232ReadNBytes Reads byte array from RS232 port. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS232WriteNBytes Sends byte array through RS232 port. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS422Get Reads state of inputs as integer number. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS422GetBit Reads state of particular input of RS 422 port. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS422GetNumberOfInputs Returns number of available inputs of RS 422 port. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS422GetNumberOfOutputs Returns number of available outputs of RS 422 port. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS422Set Sets all outputs of RS422 port. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS422SetBit Sets state of particular output of RS 422 port. ThirdParty
VisionBox_RS422SetSource Sets source of RS 422 port outputs. ThirdParty
VisionBox_SetCameraTrigger Sets camera trigger configuration ThirdParty
VisionBox_SetDigitalOutput Sets a digital output state of Imago VisionBox computers. ThirdParty
VisionBox_SetDigitalOutputSource Sets source for specified digital output pin. ThirdParty
VisionBox_SetLed Sets led state ThirdParty
VisionBox_SetLedMode Sets led mode ThirdParty
VisionBox_SetTriggerGeneratorConfiguration Sets trigger generator configuration ThirdParty
VisionBox_StrobeInit Initializes Strobe. Has to be called before any other Strobe related function. ThirdParty
VisionBox_StrobeSetCurrent Sets strobes current ThirdParty
VisionBox_StrobeSetFixedCurrent Sets strobes fixed current ThirdParty
VisionBox_StrobeSetLimits Sets strobes limits ThirdParty
VisionBox_StrobeSetOnTime Sets strobes on-time ThirdParty
VisionBox_StrobeSetTriggerDelay Sets strobes trigger delay ThirdParty
VisionBox_StrobeSetTriggerMode Sets strobes trigger mode ThirdParty
VisionBox_StrobeSetTriggerSource Sets strobes trigger source ThirdParty
VisionBox_StrobeSoftwareTrigger Sets strobes software trigger. ThirdParty