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Image Filtering

Select a filter from the list below.

cvBilateralFilterApplies bilateral filter to the image.
cvBlurSmoothes image using normalized box filter.
cvBorderInterpolateComputes source location of extrapolated pixel.
cvBoxFilterSmoothes an image using box filter.
cvBuildPyramidConstructs Gaussian pyramid for an image.
cvCopyMakeBorderForms a border around the image.
cvDilateDilates an image by using a specific structuring element.
cvErodeErodes an image by using a specific structuring element.
cvFilter2DConvolves an image with the kernel.
cvGaussianBlurSmoothes image using a Gaussian filter.
cvGetDerivKernelsReturns filter coefficients for computing spatial image derivatives.
cvGetGaborKernelCreates a Gabor Filter kernel
cvGetGaussianKernelReturns Gaussian filter coefficients.
cvGetStructuringElementReturns the structuring element of the specified size and shape for morphological operations.
cvLaplacianCalculates the Laplacian of an image.
cvMedianBlurSmoothes image using median filter.
cvMorphologyExPerforms advanced morphological transformations.
cvPyrDownSmoothes an image and downsamples it.
cvPyrUpUpsamples an image and then smoothes it.
cvScharrCalculates the first x- or y- image derivative using Scharr operator.
cvSepFilter2DApplies separable linear filter to an image.
cvSobelCalculates the first, second, third or mixed image derivatives using an extended Sobel operator.
cvSqrBoxFilterSmoothes an image using box filter.