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Linearly interpolates between two vectors.

Name Type Range Description
inVector0 Vector2D
inVector1 Vector2D
inLambda Real - - Interpolation between the input vectors where 0.0 value is equal to inVector0 and 1.0 to inVector1
outVector Vector2D


LerpVectors performed on red inVector0 = (150, 150) and blue inVector1 = (-50, 50) with inLambda = 0,25. Green is the resulting outVector.

LerpVectors performed on red inVector0 = (50, 50) and blue inVector1 = (-25, 25) with inLambda = -1,0. Green is the resulting outVector.


Please note that:
  • interpolation begins at inVector0,
  • for positive inLambda values interpolation is performed in the direction of inVector1 while for negative - in the direction of a vector which, when visualized with the same base point, ends in the point acquired by mirroring the head of inVector0 by a line perpendicular to the vector (inVector0 - inVector1).
Hence when inLambda = 0,0, outVector is equal to inVector0, while for inLambda = 1,0 it's the same as inVector1 and for inLambda = -1,0 - as the previously described vector. Other inLambda values interpolate between the input vectors and beyond.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

Filter Group

This filter is member of LerpVectors filter group.