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Geometric Image Transformations

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cvGetAffineTransformCalculates the affine transform from 3 corresponding points.
cvGetDefaultNewCameraMatrixReturns the default new camera matrix.
cvGetPerspectiveTransformCalculates the perspective transform from four pairs of corresponding points.
cvGetRectSubPixRetrieves the pixel rectangle from an image with sub-pixel accuracy.
cvGetRotationMatrix2DCalculates the affine matrix of 2D rotation.
cvInitUndistortRectifyMapComputes the undistortion and rectification transformation map.
cvInvertAffineTransformInverts an affine transformation.
cvRemapApplies a generic geometrical transformation to the image.
cvResizeResizes an image.
cvUndistortTransforms an image to compensate for lens distortion.
cvUndistortPointsUndistorts points.
cvWarpAffineApplies an affine transformation to an image.
cvWarpPerspectiveApplies a perspective transformation to an image.