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Gets parameter of type Enumeration from GenICam device.

Name Type Description
inAddress GenAddress GenTL Provider module and device identifying address
inScope GenICamParameterScope Specifies which parameters set in GenICam stack should be accessed
inParameterName GenParameterName Name of GenICam parameter node to access
inVerifyAccess Bool True to verify GenICam parameter access state before every read
outValue String Value retrieved from device parameter


This filter is intended for cooperation with general camera device trough GenTL compliant interface. Its purpose is to get a value of device parameter using GenICam interface. Filter can be used to access device registers and stream chunked data.

Warning: Retrieving parameter from uncached device register may be a time consuming operation that produce blocking data exchange at every filter execution.

This filter does not require other GenICam filters in program (especially GenICam_GrabImage is not obligatory), but can be used in any combination with them, including sharing access to single device with other filters.

Device address (inAddress port) is a structure of information defining unique device and its GenTL provider module in the system. It is recommended to use the GenTL Device Manager (click the "..." button in Filter Properties) to select the appropriate device, connected to the local system, whose identification information will be used.

Device address consists of the following fields:

  • VendorName - Vendor name of the GenTL provider module, which will be used to communicate with the device.
  • TLType - Identification code of interface transport technology type (for example "GEV", "IIDC", "UVC", "USB3", "PCI", "Custom"). The exact code depends on the GenTL provider module.
  • DeviceID - Unique ID of the device in the selected interface technology of the used provider module. The format of this field must be always an exact ID string and depends on the used GenTL provider module.

This filter will interpret the value of inAddress port only during the first iteration of its parent Task, when the connection to the device is established. During the next iterations the filter will use previously established connection and subsequent changes in the device address will be ignored.

Parameter name (inParameterName port) must be an ID of GenICam parameter exported by device. Each device model can have different parameter names and its meanings. Refer to device documentation and use GenICam settings browser (click "..." button in filter properties) to select appropriate name of parameter (see: Device settings editor section in user manual).

Name of parameter must point to readable GenICam parameter providing "IString" interface or error will be raised upon program run.

For general information about working with Gen TL devices, please refer to the following article.


  • Interactively select a camera available in your network by defining the inAddress input.
  • Choose inParameterName from those supported by your camera.
  • The parameter value read from the camera will be available on the outValue output.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

Disabled in Lite Edition

This filter is disabled in Lite Edition. It is available only in full, Adaptive Vision Studio Professional version.

Filter Group

This filter is member of GenICam_GetParameter filter group.

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