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File System

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CreateDirectoriesCreates a directory tree if it does not exist.
EnumerateFilesEnumerates the files present in a disk directory.
FileAttributesProvides information about file, e.g. size, modification time
FileChecksumReturns CRC checksum of the input file.
FindDirectoriesReturns subdirectories of the input directory.
FindFilesReturns files of the input directory.
GenerateFileNameGenerates consecutive file names, e.g. for saving series of images
LoadObjectLoads an object from a file.
ReadFromStringReads element from string stream of specified format.
RemoveDirectoryRemoves a directory, with all files and subdirectories.
RemoveFilesRemoves files that match a pattern from a directory.
SaveObjectSaves an object to a file.
TestDirectoryEmptyChecks if a given directory is empty.
TestDirectoryExistsChecks if a given directory is present.
TestFileEmptyChecks if the size of the file is equal to zero.
TestFileExistsChecks if a given file is present.
WriteToStringWrites element to string stream with specified format.