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Icon Name Description
MultiCam_GetDigitalInput Reporting the logic state of I/O lines used as inputs.
MultiCam_GetIntegerParameter Gets parameter of type integer from euresys device.
MultiCam_GetRealParameter Gets parameter of type real from euresys device.
MultiCam_GetStringParameter Gets parameter of type String from euresys device.
MultiCam_GrabImage Captures a frame using Euresys frame grabber.
MultiCam_GrabImage_WithTimeout Captures a frame using Euresys frame grabber.
MultiCam_LoadConfigurationFile Loads camera configuration file.
MultiCam_SetDigitalOutput Sets digital output.
MultiCam_SetIntegerParameter Sets parameter of type integer into euresys device.
MultiCam_SetRealParameter Sets parameter of type real into euresys device.
MultiCam_SetStringParameter Sets parameter of type String into euresys device.