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BoolToStringConverts a boolean value to a string.
BoxToRectangle2DConverts a box to a rectangle.
BoxToShapeRegionConverts a box to a shape region.
Circle2DToRegionOfInterestConverts a circle to region of interest.
Circle2DToShapeRegionConverts a circle to a shape region.
DeepModelToDeepModel_AnomalyDetection1Conversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_AnomalyDetection1
DeepModelToDeepModel_AnomalyDetection2Conversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_AnomalyDetection2
DeepModelToDeepModel_ClassificationConversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_Classification
DeepModelToDeepModel_FeatureDetectionConversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_FeatureDetection
DeepModelToDeepModel_InstanceSegmentationConversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_ImageSegmentation
DeepModelToDeepModel_PointLocationConversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_PointLocation
DirectoryToStringConverts a directory path to a string.
DoubleToRealConverts a Double to Real
DoubleToStringConverts a double number to a string.
FileToStringConverts a file path to a string.
Gap1DToSegment2DConverts a gap to a segment.
GocatorAddressToStringConverts a Gocator device address to a String.
ImageToImageFormatConverts an image to an image format.
ImageToSizeConverts an image to a size.
IntegerArrayToRealArrayConverts an array of integer numbers to an array of real numbers.
IntegerToDoubleConverts an integer to a double number.
IntegerToLongConverts an Integer to Long
IntegerToPixelConverts an integer value to pixel.
IntegerToRealConverts an integer to a real number.
IntegerToStringConverts an integer to a string.
LensDistortionToMatrixReturns LensDistortion as a Matrix of distortion coefficients.
LocationArrayToPoint2DArrayConverts an array of locations to an array of points.
LocationToPoint2DConverts a location to its center point.
LongToDoubleConverts a long to a double number.
LongToIntegerConverts a Long to Integer
LongToStringConverts a long to a string.
PathToPoint2DArrayConverts a path to an array of points.
Point2DArrayToLocationArrayConverts an array of points to an array of locations.
Point2DToLocationConverts a point to a location its contained within.
Point3DArrayToPoint2DArrayConverts an array of points in 3D to an array of points in 2D by ignoring their Z coordinates.
Point3DGridToPoint3DArrayConverts a grid of points to an array of points.
Point3DToPoint2DConverts a point in 3D to a point in 2D by ignoring its Z coordinate.
ProfileToPoint2DArrayConverts a profile to an array of points.
ProfileToRealArrayConverts a profile to an array of real numbers.
RealArrayToIntegerArrayConverts an array of real numbers to an array of integer numbers.
RealArrayToPixelArrayConverts an array of real values to an array of pixels.
RealArrayToProfileConverts an array of real numbers to a profile.
RealToDoubleConverts a Real to Double
RealToIntegerConverts a real number to an integer.
RealToPixelConverts a real value to pixel.
RealToStringConverts a real number to a string.
Rectangle2DToRegionOfInterestConverts a rectangle to region of interest.
Rectangle2DToShapeRegionConverts a rectangle to a shape region.
RegionToImageConverts a region to an image.
RegionToRegionOfInterestConverts a region to region of interest.
Segment2DToLine2DConverts a segment to a line.
Segment2DToPathConverts a segment to a path.
Segment3DToLine3DConverts a segment in 3D to a line in 3D.
StringLabelToStringConverts a StringLabel object to a String.
StringToDirectoryConverts a string to a directory path.
StringToFileConverts a string to a file path.
StringToGenParameterNameConverts a string to a GenICam parameter name.
StringToGevAddressConverts a string to a GigEVision device address.
StringToGevParameterNameConverts a string to a GigEVision parameter name.
StringToGevPixelFormatConverts a string to a GigEVision image pixel format.
StringToGocatorAddressConverts a string to a Gocator device address.
Stripe1DToSegment2DConverts a stripe to a segment.
SurfaceToImageConverts a surface object to an image.
SurfaceToPoint3DArrayConverts a surface object to an array of points.
SurfaceToPoint3DGridConverts a surface object to a grid of points.
SurfaceToSurfaceFormatConverts a surface to a surface format.