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Generates artificial points for camera calibration. Doesn't support distortion.

Name Type Description
inPointsX Integer Number of points in X direction on the calibration plane.
inPointsY Integer Number of points in Y direction on the calibration plane.
inWorldPointSpacing Real Distances between consecutive points on the calibration plane.
inPlaneRotationAxis Vector3D Calibration plane rotation axis.
inPlaneRotationAngle Real Calibration plane rotation angle.
inPlaneTranslation Vector3D Calibration plane translation (applied after rotation).
inCameraType CameraModelType Calibration camera model (pinhole or telecentric)
inFocalLengthOrMagnificationX Real
inFocalLengthOrMagnificationY Real*
inPrincipalPoint Point2D* By default is on the center of output image
inImageSize Size The size of image that artificial camera captures
outImageGrid AnnotatedPoint2DArray
outWorldPoints Point2DArray


Calibration testing.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Expert Complexity Level.