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AccessBoxReturns individual fields of box.
BoxCenterReturns center of a box.
BoxCharacteristicPointReturns a characteristic point (e.g. the top-left) of a box.
BoxesBoundingBoxComputes the bounding box of given boxes.
BoxesBoundingBox_OrNilComputes the bounding box of given boxes; returns NIL if the array is empty.
BoxIntersectionComputes the common part of two boxes.
BoxToBoxDistanceComputes minimal distance between one of the points of the first box with one of the points of the second box.
CreateBoxCreates a box.
DilateBoxPerforms a morphological dilation on a box using box kernel.
ErodeBoxPerforms a morphological erosion on a box using box kernel.
MakeBoxCreates a box structure from individual fields.
RemoveEmptyBoxesSecures against domain errors caused by empty boxes.
ResizeBoxChanges the dimensions of a box.
ResizeBox_DeltaChanges the dimensions of a box by adding some values.
ResizeBox_RelativeResizes a box to relatively defined dimensions.
SkipEmptyBoxSecures against domain errors caused by empty boxes.
SplitBoxSplits a box into two along a direction.
TestBoxEmptyTests whether the box is empty.
TestBoxEqualToTests whether given boxes are equal.
TestBoxInBoxTests whether a box is contained in another one.
TestBoxIntersectsWithTests whether two boxes have non-empty intersection.
TestBoxNotEmptyTests whether the box is not empty.
TranslateBoxShifts a box by a discreet vector.