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Array Transforms

Select a filter from the list below.

CropArraySelects a continuous subsequence of array elements.
RemoveDuplicatesRemoves repeated elements from array.
RemoveNilsThis filter is useful e.g. when inspecting multiple objects while some of the inspections may fail (Nil result). RemoveNils is used to ignore the failed cases in the final result.
ResizeArrayAdd or removes elements at the end of an array until it reaches the requested new size.
ReverseArrayCreates an array of the input array elements in reversed order.
RotateArrayCyclically shifts the elements of an array.
SlideArrayThis filter is useful for computing something on all the pairs of two consecutive elements of an array, e.g. creating a list of segments from an ordered list of points.
SortArrayChanges the order of the input array elements accordingly to an ascending/descending sequence of the value array.
SplitArrayDivides an array into two parts at the given index.
SwapArrayElementsSwaps two elements of an array.
SynchronizeArraysSelects as many elements from each of the input arrays as possible, while assuring that the difference between corresponding values is not too big.
TransposeArrayArrayTransposes a matrix represented as an array of arrays.
TrimArraysToEqualSizeRemoves some trailing elements from the longer array of the two so that the output arrays have equal size.