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Receives an array of arrays, and creates a single one-dimensional array containing all individual elements.

Name Type Description
inArray <T>ArrayArray Array to be flattened
outFlattenedArray <T>Array Flattened array

The type of this filter is defined using the type variable T which represents any valid type. Read more.


E.g. when multiple points are detected within multiple regions we receive a Point2DArrayArray. This 2D data structure keeps track of which point comes from which region. We can flatten this structure to 1D array by using this filter.


The operation creates an one-dimensional array from all elements of an input two-dimensional array. Type of filter is defined on initialization by using type variable T. Input array of arrays size is not restricted.


            inArray = { { 0 , 3 },
                        { 1 , 4 },
                        { 2 , 5 } }
        outFlattenedArray = { 0, 
                              5 }

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

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