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AdamTCP_ConnectConnects as a client to a remote Advantech Adam device.
AdamTCP_Function01Function code 01. Read discrete output's ON/OFF status.
AdamTCP_Function02Function code 02. Read discrete input's ON/OFF status.
AdamTCP_Function03Function code 03. Read the binary contents of input registers.
AdamTCP_Function04Function code 04. Read the binary contents of input registers.
AdamTCP_Function05Function code 05. Force a single coil to either ON or OFF.
DAQNavi_GetDigitalInputReturns value from digital input.
DAQNavi_GetDigitalInputsReturns values from all digital inputs.
DAQNavi_GetDigitalInterruptReturns interrupt values.
DAQNavi_GetDigitalOutputGets digital output value.
DAQNavi_GetDigitalOutputBitGets digital output bit value.
DAQNavi_InitInterruptsInitializes interrupts.
DAQNavi_SetDigitalOutputSets digital output value.
DAQNavi_SetDigitalOutputBitSets digital output bit to specified value.
DAQNavi_SetPortDirectionSets the port direction (input or output).