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Locates the strongest high or low peak of surface height along a given path.

Name Type Range Description
inSurface Surface Input surface
inScanPath Path Path along which the scan is performed
inScanPathAlignment CoordinateSystem2D* Adjusts the scan path to the position of the inspected object
inScanWidth Integer 1 - Width of the scan field in pixels
inSurfaceInterpolation InterpolationMethod Interpolation method used for extraction of surface points
inRidgeScanParams RidgeScanParams3D Parameters controlling the surface ridge extraction process
inRidgeSelection Selection Selection mode of the resulting ridge
inLocalBlindness LocalBlindness* Defines conditions in which weaker ridges can be detected in the vicinity of stronger ridges
inMaxProfileGapWidth Integer* 0 - Maximal number of consecutive not existing profile points
outRidge SurfaceRidge1D? Found surface ridge
outAlignedScanPath Path Path along which the scan is performed; in the image coordinate system
diagHeightProfile Profile Extracted surface height profile
diagResponseProfile Profile Profile of the ridge operator response

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

Filter Group

This filter is member of ScanRidges3D filter group.