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Image Spatial Transforms

Select a function from the list below.

Icon Name Description
CropImage Reduction of the amount of image data to be stored in memory.
CropImageToRectangle Usually used for creating images of individual objects, e.g. after Template Matching.
JoinImages Creates a single image by glueing together the two input images in horizontal or vertical direction.
JoinImages_OfArray Creates a single image by glueing together many input images in horizontal or vertical direction.
JoinImages_OfSeries Joining images from a line-scan camera, which produces too few lines at a time.
MirrorImage Reverses the order of the input image columns or rows depending on inMirrorDirection value.
ResizeImage Enlarges or shrinks an image to new dimensions.
ResizeImage_AlongAxis Resizes an image to the desired length along one axis whilst keeping the aspect ratio constant.
ResizeImage_Relative Resizes an image by a factor along each axis.
RotateImage Rotates an image clockwise.
ShearImage Image preprocessing when there are slanted objects.
ShrinkImageNTimes Shrinks an image by a natural factor along each axis.
TransformImage Transforms an image by the provided transformation matrix.
TranslateImage E.g. camera shaking reduction.
TranslatePixels Moves the pixels of the input image by the vectors specified with inVectorImage.
TransposeImage Useful when operations on image columns should be replaced with operations on image rows, which are much faster due to the cache memory.
TrimImageToRegion Trims an image to the area of the specified region.
UncropImage Inverse of CropImage.