This structure contains parameters of ridge scanning process. Instance of this structure should be customized and passed as a parameter to ridge scanning related functions.

Structure fields and default values (if defined) are described below:

Name Type Default Description
ProfileInterpolation ProfileInterpolationMethod Quadratic4 Selects the method of sub-pixel precise ridge detection
SmoothingStdDev FloatType 0.6f Parameter for gaussian smoothing of the brightness profile
RidgeWidth IntType 5 Expected thickness of the ridge in pixels
RidgeMargin IntType 2 Number of pixels that are sampled outside of the ridge, on both of its sides
RidgeOperator RidgeOperator Selects the function used to combine the brightness on the left and on the right side of the ridge
MinMagnitude FloatType 5.0f Minimum acceptable ridge strength
RidgePolarity Polarity Specifies the type of ridges to be detected (Bright, Dark or Any)