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DataMatrixDetectionParams Class

Specifies how data matrix codes are being detected.



DataMatrixDetectionParams(Int32, Int32, Int32, Nullable<Int32>, Boolean, Boolean, DataMatrixDetectionMethod, DataMatrixPyramidStrategy, DataMatrixOutlineStrategy)


ContrastHysteresisSystem.Int32A value dynamically subtracted from ContrastThreshold to improve local segmentation
ContrastPerturbationsSystem.Int32Number of perturbations applied to ContrastThreshold for improving possibility of detection when lighting conditions are highly variable
ContrastThresholdSystem.Int32Guaranteed gray level difference between dark and bright modules
DetectionMethodAvlNet.DataMatrixDetectionMethodSpecifies which feature is used for code detection: the shape of the finder pattern or the blob of the quiet zone
DynamicSNRatioSystem.Nullable<System.Int32>Signal-to-Noise Ratio that dynamically increases ContrastThreshold; use with low values of ContrastThreshold
ForceIsotropySystem.BooleanSwitches to image preprocessing methods that give more stable results for different code rotations
NonBinarySegmentationSystem.BooleanAssumes that there might be pixels significantly brighter or darker than the foreground or the background modules in near proximity of the quiet zone; use with DetectionMethod=FinderPattern
OutlineStrategyAvlNet.DataMatrixOutlineStrategySpecifies precision of outline detection
PyramidStrategyAvlNet.DataMatrixPyramidStrategySpecifies the step of image downsampling used for finding codes at different scales


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