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DataMatrixCodeParams Class



DataMatrixCodeParams(Polarity, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Single, Single, DataMatrixGapSize, Nullable<Single>, Single, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, DataMatrixDistortionLevel)


AllowDistortionAvlNet.DataMatrixDistortionLevelAllows codes which are distorted
AllowOversizedModulesSystem.BooleanAllows codes with foreground modules overlapping background modules
AllowPerspectiveSystem.BooleanAllows codes with perspective distortion (up to a certain level)
AllowRotationSystem.BooleanAllows codes rotated in relation to the axes of the input image
ExpectedGapSizeAvlNet.DataMatrixGapSizeHighest distance between neighboring marks in the Finder Pattern
MaxColumnCountSystem.Int32Maximal number of module columns
MaxModuleSizeSystem.SingleMaximal size of a module in pixels
MaxRectangleRatioSystem.Nullable<System.Single>Length ratio between the longer and the shorter side of the code's bounding rectangle
MaxRowCountSystem.Int32Maximal number of module rows
MaxSlantSystem.SingleMaximal deviation from the right angle in the corner of the Finder Pattern
MinColumnCountSystem.Int32Minimal number of module columns
MinModuleSizeSystem.SingleMinimal size of a module in pixels
MinRowCountSystem.Int32Minimal number of module rows
PolarityAvlNet.PolaritySpecifies whether code is darker or brighter than the background


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Equals(AvlNet.DataMatrixCodeParams, AvlNet.DataMatrixCodeParams)
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