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Application Settings

Aurora Vision Studio is a customizable environment and all its settings can be adjusted in the Settings window, located in the Tools » Settings menu. Falling back to defaults is possible with the Reset Environment button located at the bottom of the window. Here is the list of the Application Settings:

  1. Environment
  2. Program Execution
  3. Filters
  4. File Associations
  5. Program Edition
  6. Results
  7. Project Files
  8. Messages

1. Environment


Complexity level:
Selecting tools level complexity.
User interface language.
User interface color theme.
Display short project name in the Title Bar
If checked, only name of the current project is displayed in the Main Window title. Otherwise, full path to the project file is displayed.
Floating point significant digits:
Sets the number of digits after floating point separator.


Load last project on application startup
Loads previously opened program at AVStudio startup.


Show date column
Adds or removes 'Date' column in the Console.
Show time column
Adds or removes 'Time' column in the Console.
Show message level column
Adds or removes 'Level' column in the Console.


Display region border in image previews
Displays region bounding rectangle.

2. Program Execution


Break before undefined mandatory inputs
If checked, automatically breaks the program when the filter with undefined mandatory inputs is about to be executed.
Edit undefined mandatory inputs on break
If checked, tries to edit missing input data when program execution breaks before undefined mandatory inputs.
Break when an exception occurred
Automatically breaks the program when exception occurred.
Break when a warning occurred
Automatically breaks the program when warning occurred.
Break on assertion failed
Automatically breaks the program when assertion failed.
Diagnostic mode
Enables or disables computation of diagnostic output values.
Offline mode
Enables or disables the offline mode, in which data for filter outputs within the ACQUIRE section is acquired from local storage.
Display performance statistics automatically when execution is finished
Automatically opens the Statistics window after program execution.
Save changes before execution
Automatically saves program before execution start.
Previews update mode:
Sets how program will be visualized in context of previews refreshing.


Display HMI in Standalone Window
Displays HMI in a separate window as if it was run in Aurora Vision Executor.

3. Filters


Auto reload filters
Tracks loaded filters directories for changes and reloads filters if any has been detected.

Filter Catalog

Close open groups
Allows only one opened group at a time.
Merge filters by group
Allows AVStudio to combine several filters items into single convenient tool.
Search bar enabled
Enables searching in the Filter Catalog.
Group categories by library
Filters in Filters Catalog will be split by library origin.


Show small icons in toolbox
Showing small icons in the Toolbox allows to unlock Toolbox window as a small convenient set of tools.
Use library view as staring page
Showing small icons in the Toolbox allows to unlock Toolbox window as a small convenient set of tools.

Filter Properties

Show context help
Shows help for current selected property at the bottom of the Filter Properties window.

Project Explorer

Show macrofilter usage
Shows usage count of each macrofilter.

4. File Associations

Default Program

Check .avproj file association on startup
Check if current program is the default for opening .avproj Files on startup.

5. Program Edition

Macrofilter Navigator

Expanded tree view
Shows parent-child relations between macrofilters. If not checked, macrofilters will be listed without any marked relations.
Show macrofilters preview in tooltips
Shows the graphical previews of macrofilters as tooltips.
Auto hide macrofilter list
Hides the expanded list of macrofilters on selection.

Program Editor

Show warning when connecting diagnostic outputs
Enables warning on creating diagnostic connections.
Smooth variant switch
Enables animated variants switch.
Show comments
Enables filter instances comments.
Wrap comments
Wraps long comments or, when unchecked, clips comments to single line.
Wrap formulas
Expands formula blocks to display entire formulas.
Tab size
Number of spaces the tab is equal to in the inline editors, e.g. formula editor.
Block quick commands visibility:
Defines the visibility of block quick commands (for adding new inputs and outputs).
Editor Zoom [%]:
Defines a program editor font and image size.
Filter icon size:
Defines the size of the filter icon in Program Editor.
Use larger snap size for editor points
Allows easier dragging of points in editors, useful on touchscreens.
Editor view type:
Enables choosing the information amount displayed in the program editor.
Highlight compatible ports while creating connections
Highlights compatible ports when either dragging global parameter or filter port.
Tooltip delay [ms]:
Defines a delay in milliseconds of the tooltip appearance for hovered program elements.
Show indices of filter instances
If checked, indices of filter instances will be visible.
Show array and conditional markers on filter ports
If checked, ports that accepts or introduce array ([]), conditional (?) or optional (*) data will include appropriate information in their names.
Add generic filters as uninstantiated
If checked, generic filters will be added to program as uninstantiated, without prompting for choosing data type.
Autoconnect filters on insertion (experimental)
If checked, automatically connects filter image and coordinate system inputs with deduced outputs.
Open the default editor when adding the filters to the program
If checked, automatically opens the default data editor for inserting filter.
Close filter variant selection dialog after filter insertion
If checked, filter variant selection dialog will close after inserting one filter. Uncheck to insert multiple filters.
Preserve port previews when extracting macrofilter
If checked, port previews of filters extracted to new macrofilter will be preserved.

Program Analysis

Check array synchronization problems during program edition
If checked, potential array synchronization problems caused by user action are detected and require confirmation.
Show array synchronization in Program Editor
If checked, array synchronization is presented in Program Edition.
Check array synchronization during program loading
If checked, array synchronization is verified during program loading.
Check array synchronization before program start
If checked, array synchronization is verified before program start.
Ignore warnings in disabled macrofilters during program execution
If checked, warnings in disabled macrofilters will be ignored during program execution.

6. Results


Flat view
If checked, outputs are arranged in a flat list in the results. Otherwise, outputs are only displayed in a tree layout according to their logical relationship to their parent outputs.
Show statistics columns
If checked, statistics-related columns are displayed.
Use output labels
If checked, labeled outputs are presented as their Data Source Labels. Otherwise, original output name is used.
Defines the source for the results control contents. Either the selected filters or all filters in the current macrofilter (variant).
Show only visible outputs
If checked, hidden outputs are also hidden in the results.
Show only textual outputs
If checked, only outputs of textual data type (e.g. String, Integer, Real, etc.) are shown in the results.
Show only checked outputs
If checked, only outputs which are checked.
Show only labeled outputs
If checked, only outputs which have the label defined.

7. Project Files

Project Explorer

Watch for project file changes
Notifies, when project file has been changed i.e. by external program.

Project Binary Files

Binary Files Compression Level:
Configures project avdata files compression level.

8. Messages

Show these messages:

Warn when trying to modify running program
If checked, warning will be displayed before stopping program to make modification in it.
Ask about opening an example documentation on startup
If checked, application will notify about an example's description in documentation.
Warn when trying to replace existing preview
When checked, a warning is shown to prevent from accidentally removing carefully prepared preview.
Show warning when reconnecting inputs
Enables warning on creating a connection which would replace existing connection.
Show message after extracting macrofilter
If checked, additional help message is shown each time a macrofilter is extracted from selection.
Warn about using themes at high resolution and DPI
If checked, application will notify about the recommendation not using themes at high resolutions and DPI.
Ask for refactoring older project to use sections on loading project
Enables warning on creating a connection which would replace existing connection.
Show message after Workspace change when executing the program
If checked, the application will notify about program stop when the Workspace has changed.
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