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GenTL_CleanupCloses all internally opened (cached) GenTL software modules not held any more by any opened handle.
GenTL_CloseHandleCloses a handle opened in GenTL subsystem.
GenTL_EnumLibrariesReturns a list of loaded GenTL provider libraries available in the local system.
GenTL_EnumLibraryInterfacesReturns a list of communication interfaces available in specified provider module library.
GenTL_FindDevicesPerforms enumeration of GenTL devices and returns a list of present device descriptors.
GenTL_FlushInputQueueDiscards remaining received and queued image frames in device video stream.
GenTL_GetAcquisitionActiveChecks if specified device is currently streaming video.
GenTL_GetInterfaceDescriptorReads description of GenTL provider communication interface.
GenTL_GetLibraryDescriptorReads description of GenTL provider library.
GenTL_GetPixelFormatsRetrieves a list of available pixel formats supported by opened device.
GenTL_OpenDeviceOpens a handle to a device provided by GenTL library.
GenTL_OpenDeviceModuleSettingsOpens configuration node set of GenTL device (a device module configuration) of application side transport layer.
GenTL_OpenDeviceStreamModuleSettingsOpens configuration node set of application side transport layer of GenTL device first data stream (a stream module configuration).
GenTL_OpenInterfaceModuleSettingsOpens configuration node set (an interface module configuration) of GenTL provider communication interface.
GenTL_OpenLibrarySystemModuleSettingsOpens configuration node set (a system module configuration) of GenTL provider library.
GenTL_ReceiveImageReceives next frame from video stream.
GenTL_StartAcquisitionInitializes and starts image acquisition in a device.
GenTL_StopAcquisitionStops image acquisition in a device.
GenTL_TryReceiveImageReceives next frame from video stream.