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A structure is a type of data composed of several predefined elements which we call fields. Each field has a name and a type.


  • Point2D is a simple structure composed of two fields: the X and Y coordinates of type Real.
  • DrawingStyle is a more complex structure composed of six fields: DrawingMode, Opacity, Thickness, Filled, PointShape and PointSize.
  • Image is actually also a structure, although only some of its fields are accessible: Width, Height, Depth, Type, PixelSize and Pitch.

Structures in Adaptive Vision Studio are exactly like structures in C/C++.

Working with Structure Fields

There are special filters "Make" and "Access" for creating structures and accessing their fields, respectively. For example, there is MakePoint which takes two real values and creates a point, and there is AccessPoint which does the opposite. In most cases, however, it is recommended to use Property Outputs and Expanded Input Structures.

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