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Icon Name Description
XiApi_GenerateSoftwareTrigger Generates software trigger for XIMEA device.
XiApi_GetGPILevel Returns the value from selected GPI (digital input).
XiApi_GetParamFloat Gets parameter of type Float from XIMEA device.
XiApi_GetParamInt Gets parameter of type Integer from XIMEA device.
XiApi_GrabImage Captures an image from a XIMEA camera.
XiApi_GrabImage_WithTimeout Captures an image from a XIMEA camera.
XiApi_SetGPIMode Defines selected GPI (digital input) functionality.
XiApi_SetGPOMode Defines GPO (digital output) functionality.
XiApi_SetParamFloat Sets parameter of type Float in XIMEA device.
XiApi_SetParamInt Sets parameter of type Integer in XIMEA device.
XiApi_StartAcquisition Initializes and starts image acquisition in a camera.
XiApi_StopAcquisition Stops image acquisition in a camera.