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XiApi_GenerateSoftwareTriggerGenerates software trigger for XIMEA device.
XiApi_GetGPILevelReturns the value from selected GPI (digital input).
XiApi_GetParamFloatGets parameter of type Float from XIMEA device.
XiApi_GetParamIntGets parameter of type Integer from XIMEA device.
XiApi_GrabImageCaptures an image from a XIMEA camera.
XiApi_GrabImage_WithTimeoutCaptures an image from a XIMEA camera.
XiApi_SetGPIModeDefines selected GPI (digital input) functionality.
XiApi_SetGPOModeDefines GPO (digital output) functionality.
XiApi_SetParamFloatSets parameter of type Float in XIMEA device.
XiApi_SetParamIntSets parameter of type Integer in XIMEA device.
XiApi_StartAcquisitionInitializes and starts image acquisition in a camera.
XiApi_StopAcquisitionStops image acquisition in a camera.