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Region Global Transforms

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CropBordersFromRegionRemoves from a region the pixels that lie very close to the region's borders.
FillRegionHolesExtends the input region so that it contains also all the pixels previously lying in its holes.
RegionBoundariesRemoves interior pixels from a region.
RegionConvexHullComputes the smallest convex region containing the input region.
RegionInteriorsRemoves boundary pixels from a region.
RegionOuterBoundariesReturns the top, right, bottom and left boundaries of the input region.
RemoveRegionBlobsRemoves regions not fulfilling specific conditions
SplitRegionIntoBlobsSplits a region into an array of regions corresponding to its connected components.
SplitRegionIntoComponentsSplits a region into an array of regions. Operates by merging blobs in accordance to the inMaxDistance parameter.
SplitRegionIntoExactlyNComponentsSplits a region into a fixed-size array of regions.