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GigE Vision

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GigEVision_CheckEventChecks if device sent event notification since previous iteration.
GigEVision_ExecuteCommandConditionally executes command in GigEVision device.
GigEVision_GetBoolParameterGets parameter of type Bool from GigEVision device.
GigEVision_GetEnumParameterGets parameter of type Enumeration from GigEVision device.
GigEVision_GetIntegerParameterGets parameter of type Integer from GigEVision device.
GigEVision_GetRealParameterGets parameter of type Real from GigEVision device.
GigEVision_GetStreamingStatisticsRetrieves basic statistics of video streaming out of GigEVision device.
GigEVision_GetStringParameterGets parameter of type String from GigEVision device.
GigEVision_GrabImageCaptures an image stream from a GigE Vision compliant camera.
GigEVision_GrabImage_WithTimeoutCaptures an image stream from a GigE Vision compliant camera; returns Nil if no frame comes in the specified time.
GigEVision_MultiDevice_GrabImagesCaptures frame streams from multiple synchronously triggered GigE Vision compliant cameras.
GigEVision_SetBoolParameterSets parameter of type Bool into GigEVision device.
GigEVision_SetDigitalOutputsSets user digital outputs state of GigEVision device.
GigEVision_SetEnumParameterSets parameter of type Enumeration into GigEVision device.
GigEVision_SetIntegerParameterSets parameter of type Integer into GigEVision device.
GigEVision_SetRealParameterSets parameter of type Real into GigEVision device.
GigEVision_SetStringParameterSets parameter of type String into GigEVision device.
GigEVision_StartAcquisitionInitializes and starts image acquisition in a device.
GigEVision_StopAcquisitionStops image acquisition in a device.