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Flir Spinnaker

Select a filter from the list below.

Icon Name Description
Spinnaker_BayerToRgb Convert image to RGB format.
Spinnaker_ExecuteCommand Executes command in GenICam device.
Spinnaker_GetBoolParameter Gets parameter of type Bool from Spinnaker device.
Spinnaker_GetEnumParameter Gets parameter of type Enumeration from Spinnaker device.
Spinnaker_GetIntegerParameter Gets parameter of type Integer from Spinnaker device.
Spinnaker_GetLineStatus Reads line status.
Spinnaker_GetRealParameter Gets parameter of type Real from Spinnaker device.
Spinnaker_GetStringParameter Gets parameter of type String from Spinnaker device.
Spinnaker_GrabImage Captures images from a Flir camera using Spinnaker interface.
Spinnaker_GrabImage_WithTimeout Captures images from a Flir camera using Spinnaker interface; returns Nil if no frame comes in the specified time.
Spinnaker_SetBoolParameter Sets parameter of type Bool.
Spinnaker_SetEnumParameter Sets parameter of type Enum.
Spinnaker_SetIntegerParameter Sets parameter of type Integer.
Spinnaker_SetRealParameter Sets parameter of type Real.
Spinnaker_SetStringParameter Sets parameter of type String.
Spinnaker_SetUserOutput Sets user output value.
Spinnaker_StartAcquisition Starts image acquisition.
Spinnaker_StopAcquisition Stops image acquisition.