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Array Composition

Select a filter from the list below.

Icon Name Description
AccumulateArray Joins arrays appearing in consecutive iterations.
AppendToArray Inserts a new element at the end of an array.
FlattenArray E.g. when multiple points are detected within multiple regions we receive a Point2DArrayArray. This 2D data structure keeps track of which point comes from which region. We can flatten this structure to 1D array by using this filter.
InsertArrayToArray Inserts an array at the specified index of another one.
InsertToArray Inserts a new element to an array at a specified location.
JoinArrays Concatenates the input arrays one after another.
JoinArrays_OfLoop Joins arrays appearing in consecutive iterations.
MergeArrays Concatenates the input arrays from a conditional input, one after another.
RemoveArrayElement Removes the element of the given index from an array.
RemoveMultipleArrayElements Removes the elements of the given index list from an array.
RemoveRangeFromArray Removes the elements of indices in the given range from an array.
RemoveValueFromArray Removes the first or all of the elements of the given value from an array.
ReplaceInArray Replaces all elements in an array with specified value.