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GenICam.GenTL_FindDevices Method

Performs enumeration of GenTL devices and returns a list of present device descriptors.



public static void GenTL_FindDevices
	NullableRef<string> inLibraryPath,
	NullableRef<string> inInterfaceId,
	NullableRef<string> inTLType,
	int inInterfaceScanTime,
	IList<AvlNet.GenTL_DeviceDescriptor> outDevices


Name Type Range Default Description
inLibraryPathAvlNet.NullableRef<string>Path identifying provider library to limit enumeration to. Default value: atl::NIL.
inInterfaceIdAvlNet.NullableRef<string>String identifying communication interface to limit enumeration to. Default value: atl::NIL.
inTLTypeAvlNet.NullableRef<string>Name of interface transport technology to limit enumeration to. Default value: atl::NIL.
inInterfaceScanTimeintTime limit, in milliseconds, that the function will wait for device response on each enumerated interface.
outDevicesSystem.Collections.Generic.IList<AvlNet.GenTL_DeviceDescriptor>Returns a list with device list descriptors.

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