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GenICam_ExecuteCommandConditionally executes command in GenICam device.
GenICam_GetBoolParameterGets parameter of type Bool from GenICam device.
GenICam_GetEnumParameterGets parameter of type Enumeration from GenICam device.
GenICam_GetIntegerParameterGets parameter of type Integer from GenICam device.
GenICam_GetRealParameterGets parameter of type Real from GenICam device.
GenICam_GetStreamingStatisticsRetrieves basic statistics of video streaming out of GenICam device.
GenICam_GetStringParameterGets parameter of type Enumeration from GenICam device.
GenICam_GrabImageThe most recommended filter for working with GenTL-compatible devices.
GenICam_GrabImage_WithTimeoutUse this filter if the trigger may be not coming for some time, while the application should be performing other operations continuously (e.g. processing HMI events), or when timeout condition on missing frame must be detected.
GenICam_GrabMultiPartImageAllows to receive multi-part video stream (with multiple images per frame) from special GenICam cameras, like separated color components in planar color formats, or separate depth, confidence and luminosity images in 3D cameras.
GenICam_MultiDevice_GrabImagesCaptures frame streams from multiple synchronously triggered general cameras using GenICam GenTL provider library.
GenICam_SetBoolParameterSets parameter of type Bool into GenICam device.
GenICam_SetDigitalOutputsSets user digital outputs state of GenICam device.
GenICam_SetEnumParameterSets parameter of type Enumeration into GenICam device.
GenICam_SetIntegerParameterSets parameter of type Integer into GenICam device.
GenICam_SetRealParameterSets parameter of type Real into GenICam device.
GenICam_SetStringParameterSets parameter of type String into GenICam device.
GenICam_StartAcquisitionTypically used for establishing camera connectivity before the first trigger event. Especially important for multiple-camera systems.
GenICam_StopAcquisitionStops image acquisition in a camera.