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What's new in 5.0?

Worker Tasks

Before 5.0, you could only have one main loop in the program and everything happened there. Now, it became possible to perform many computations in parallel! Read more at:

HMI Events

Event-based programming is now possible in our HMI Designer. You can easily create separate subprograms that will be executed when something happens—for example, when the user clicks a button, logs in or changes a specific parameter. Read more at:

New, powerful formulas

Formulas have been here for years, but with version 5.0 they can replace the vast majority of data analysis tasks. This is possible with many new functions for arrays, geometry and with new array execution of expressions (also known as broadcasting). Read more at:

Program Editor Sections and Minimal View

Program Editor is now divided into fours sections: INITIALIZE, ACQUIRE, PROCESS, FINALIZE. This unified program structure greatly simplifies creation of the main program loop. We have also completely re-designed the editor and added the new Minimal View mode for easier use in basic applications. Read more at:

Results control

This new power control is used for easy definitions of Pass/Fail criteria. You just select a filter and set the range for its numeric outputs. What is more, the Results control also collects statistics automatically. Read more at:

Module encryption

Sometimes you need to hide the contents of some macrofilters or protect them against unauthorized access. You can achieve this by using our new module encryption function. Read more at: