Aggregates image acquisition parameters for use with Vimba filters.

Structure Fields

Type fields and default values (if defined) are described below:

Name Type Description
AcquisitionFrameRate Real* Controls the maximum acquisition rate (in Hertz) at which the frames are captured
ExposureAuto VimbaExposureAuto* Sets the automatic exposure mode when ExposureMode is Timed
ExposureMode VimbaExposureMode* Sets the operation mode of the Exposure
ExposureTime Real* Sets the Exposure time (in microseconds) when ExposureMode is Timed
TriggerActivation VimbaTriggerActivation* Specifies the activation mode of the trigger
TriggerDelay Real* Specifies the delay in microseconds (us) to apply after the trigger reception before activating it
TriggerEnabled Bool* Controls if the selected trigger is active
TriggerSelector VimbaTriggerSelector* Specifies the internal signal or physical input Line to use as the trigger source