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Creates a series of segments across the input path, measures the average surface height on each of the segments, and creates the final profile from that values.



public static void SurfaceProfileAlongPath
	AvlNet.ScanMapState ioState,
	AvlNet.Surface inSurface,
	AvlNet.Path inScanPath,
	AvlNet.CoordinateSystem2D? inScanPathAlignment,
	int inScanWidth,
	AvlNet.InterpolationMethod inSurfaceInterpolation,
	int? inMaxInterpolationLength,
	float inSmoothingStdDev,
	AvlNet.Profile outProfile,
	AvlNet.Path outPath,
	AvlNet.Path outAlignedScanPath


Name Type Range Default Description
inSurfaceAvlNet.SurfaceInput surface.
inScanPathAvlNet.PathPath along which the profile is extracted.
inScanPathAlignmentAvlNet.CoordinateSystem2D?Adjusts the scan path to the position of the inspected object. Default value: atl::NIL.
inScanWidthint<1, INF>5Width of the scan field in pixels. Default value: 5.
inSurfaceInterpolationAvlNet.InterpolationMethodBilinearInterpolation method used for extraction of surface points. Default value: Bilinear.
inMaxInterpolationLengthint?Maximal number of consecutive not existing profile points. Default value: atl::NIL.
inSmoothingStdDevfloat<0.0f, INF>0.6fStandard deviation of the gaussian smoothing applied to the extracted profile. Default value: 0.6f.
outProfileAvlNet.ProfileThe resulting profile of the surface height.
outPathAvlNet.PathThe path consisting of the points from which the resulting profile is extracted.
outAlignedScanPathAvlNet.PathPath along which the scan is performed; in the image coordinate system.

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