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Smooths an image using a predefined gaussian kernel.



public static void SmoothImage_Gauss_Mask
	AvlNet.Image inImage,
	NullableRef<AvlNet.Region> inRoi,
	AvlNet.GaussKernel inKernel,
	AvlNet.Image outImage


Name Type Range Default Description
inImageAvlNet.ImageInput image.
inRoiAvlNet.NullableRef<AvlNet.Region>Range of outImage pixels to be computed. Default value: atl::NIL.
inKernelAvlNet.GaussKernelPredefined Gauss kernel.
outImageAvlNet.ImageOutput image.


This operation is a simplified, fast in computation, version of SmoothImage_Gauss, with predefined kernel and simplified ROI handling.

Kernel used in operation can be chosen by inKernel parameter:

  • Box_3x3: 3 by 3 pixels kernel with StdDev ≈ 0.85 of following form:
  • Box_5x5: 5 by 5 pixels kernel with StdDev ≈ 1.1 of following form:
  • Box_7x7: 7 by 7 pixels kernel with StdDev ≈ 1.7 of following form:
  • Box_9x9: 9 by 9 pixels kernel with StdDev ≈ 2.0 of following form:
  • Box_11x11: 11 by 11 pixels kernel with StdDev ≈ 2.2 of following form:


SmoothImage_Gauss_Mask performed on a sample image with inKernel = _11x11.

Hardware Acceleration

This operation is optimized for SSE2 technology for pixels of types: UINT8, SINT16.

This operation is optimized for SSE4.1 technology for pixels of types: Kernel 11x11 UINT8.

This operation is optimized for AVX2 technology for pixels of type: UINT8.

This operation supports automatic parallelization for multicore and multiprocessor systems.

Hardware acceleration settings may be manipulated with Settings class.

Function Overrides

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