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ModelParameters Structure

Template matching model parameters



SerializedImageSystem.Byte Serialized image data
SerializedRegionSystem.Byte Serialized region data


AllowComplexityLevelChangeSystem.Boolean Gets or sets ability to choose complexity level in editor
AnglePrecisionSystem.Single Defines angular resolution of the matching process
ComplexityLevelAvlNet.Designers.ComplexityLevel Determines which plugin version should be opened
EdgeCompletenessSystem.Single Determines what fraction of the edges will be present in the created model
EdgeHysteresisSystem.Single Threshold hysteresis value for edge magnitude
EdgeMagnitudeThresholdSystem.Single Higher threshold for edge magnitude
MaxAngleSystem.Single End of range of possible rotations
MaxPyramidLevelSystem.Nullable<System.Int32> Defines the number of reduced resolution levels used to speed up computations, or null
MaxScaleSystem.Single End of range of possible scales
MinAngleSystem.Single Start of range of possible rotations
MinPyramidLevelSystem.Int32 Defines the index of the lowest reduced resolution level used to speed up computations
MinScaleSystem.Single Start of range of possible scales
ReferenceFrameSystem.Nullable<AvlNet.Rectangle2D> Created model that can be used by LocateMultipleObjects_Edges
ScalePrecisionSystem.Single Defines scale resolution of the matching process
ShowEdgesSystem.Boolean Display model edges parameter
ShowPointSystem.Boolean Display model point
SmoothingStdDevSystem.Single Standard deviation of the gaussian smoothing applied before edge extraction
UpdatePreviewsSystem.Boolean Update previews after each change parameter


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